Novacom Saga Trivia Contest

Note:This contest is now closed.

To commemorate the release of the Novacom Saga Box Set,I thought I should have this month's contest to have something to do with Novacom.So,this month's contest will be a trivia contest.
Here's the rules:
I'll post a trivia question here and at this contest's post on the ToO.
Then you can send me a PM and guess what the answer is.
I'll post 8 questions in all.Each one will be worth 30 ToO dollars
So when one person gets one right,I'll post another,and please,once you answer
one right,just let someone else answer the next one.
OK,here's the first question:
1.What is the actor’s name who played the Chairman?
We have a winner for this one,Regis Blackbeard!
And the answer was Brian Cummings.

Here's the next one:
2.What’s the name of the fast food restaurant Mitch worked at?
We have a winner.It's aiofan_19
And the answer was Ken's Burger Den.
Here's the next one:

3.Who was AREM originally going to be?
We have a winner.It's Danielle Abigail Maxwell!
And the answer was Richard Maxwell.
Here's another:

4.Who said,”I wouldn’t miss this for the world,”?
We have a winner.It's Irwin!The answer was Jason.
Here's another:
5.What did Tom type into the Imagination Station to make it meltdown?
We have another winner!It's Robyn Jacobs!The answer was applesauce.
Three more to go!Here's the next one:
6.What color are Mitch’s eyes?
We have a winner!This time it's tyler0872! The answer was green.
Here's the next one.

7What is Monica Stone's brother's first name?
We have a winner.It's NateMaxwell! The answer was Duncan.
Here's the last one!
8.What did Nick Mulligan use to cover the security camera?
We have a winner.It's Dr Ninja!The answer was a mop.


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