AIO Encore Collection

Do you remember the Platinum Collection that was released in 2007?If you liked that,you'll also like the new Encore Collection releasing in September 2009.This special 12 CD set contains many fan favorites.So far,the only episodes known to be in it are:
The Last Great Adventure of the Summer
The Twilife Zone
Two Friends and a Truck.
Here's the summary given on

"The party isn’t over yet! After the runaway success of Platinum Collection, don’t miss this exciting new Adventures in Odyssey collection that celebrates the family values and unforgettable characters of everyone’s favorite small town. Encore Collection spotlights our greatest adventures by decade—1980’s, 1990’s and 2000’s—with laughs, suspense, teachable moments, and more in every story. Plus, this set features photos and other bonus material introducing families to the show’s fun characters, talented actors, and even how Adventures in Odyssey is made."

Sounds like there's a lot going on in the AIO universe.Check back here for more details.
You can talk about the AIO Encore Collection on The Town of Odyssey,too.


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