Unofficial Podcast 61

Can you believe it's been over 6 months since we've heard from Chris & Sarah? I don't know how I'm still alive! Well, after their looong hiatus, the Unofficial Podcast has returned with Episode #61!
As it turns out, it's their last podcast!! But you can't say they don't go out with a bang. In this special podcast, Chris & Sarah talk about the future of their podcast, talk about Album 51, and more! Make sure to check out the over-an-hour episode to hear some hearty farewells.

I want to say thanks to the UAIOP team for many laughs and Odyssey discussions over the years. It's been a hallmark in the AIO fan community for many years and a favorite podcast of mine. We love you guys!


Austin Peachey is a die-hard reader and audio drama fan. He's run the Adventures in Odyssey Blog for over 8 years and has produced a few audio dramas of his own. He's also worked on the 2nd edition of The Official Guide to Odyssey and can be heard on Phil Lollar's Iliad House.

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