Summary for Album 53!

It's out!!! The summary for the upcoming Album 53: The Green Ring Conspiracy has been released. I've posted it below:

First, a backpack filled with money is found in Gower's Field; then, a mysterious man survives a nearby plane crash; and an underworld errand boy has possession of a special cell phone. This new adventure puts your kids' favorite Odyssey characters at the center of intrigue, suspense, and a scheme of international proportions!

It's sound like this is might be just as good as Novacom, if that's possible. It may be even a little more intense than original AIO shows. I CAN NOT WAIT!! Hopefully Jason and Richard Maxwell will be part of it.
If you want to preorder the album, you can do it now.

What are your thoughts about the album?


Austin Peachey is a die-hard reader and audio drama fan. He's run the Adventures in Odyssey Blog for over 8 years and has produced a few audio dramas of his own. He's also worked on the 2nd edition of The Official Guide to Odyssey and can be heard on Phil Lollar's Iliad House.

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