At Whit's End

Some blogs come and go. Some of them are memorable and become favorites while others are just copies and die out. Recently a new blog called At Whit's End has emerged. The blogger, Matthew (No, not Matthew Parker.), has started a blog in which he will review every single episodes in the Odyssey cannon. No easy feat but this blog has great potential. The reviews are engaging and the site has a very good layout and original template different than Blogger blogs. I've enjoyed reading the posts and you will, too. Visit At Whit's End today!


Austin Peachey is a die-hard reader and audio drama fan. He's run the Adventures in Odyssey Blog for over 8 years and has produced a few audio dramas of his own. He's also worked on the 2nd edition of The Official Guide to Odyssey and can be heard on Phil Lollar's Iliad House.

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  1. It's Matthew from At Whit's End. I'm glad you like the new blog. Thanks for the kind comments.

    I created At Whit's End's design from scratch on my own. I've never been a fan of pre-baked templates. I have a strong do-it-on-my-own spirit, as you could probably tell by the fact that I'm hosting the blog at my own domain instead of using a blogging service like Blogger or

    If you like to read, you'll want to check out this Facebook app I created: BookShrub


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