Episode Titles for Album 54!

With the 2011 Spring Season over, you may be wondering what's in store in the fall season. Well, we're happy to say that all the episode titles for Album 54 have been released! Here's the list:

691: Wooton Knows Best
692: A Penny Saved
693: The Amazing Loser
694: Anger Mismanagement
695: Forgiving, More or Less
696: You're Two Kind
697: A Penny Earned
698: Never for Nothing
699: Emily, the Genius
700: How to Sink a Sub
701: Unbecoming Jay
702: Childish Things

Three of these episodes will continue the Connie-Wooton-Penny storyline from the last album. I can't wait to see if these episodes will rely more on Biblical principles than watered-down morals.

If you want to know more about the upcoming season, Album 53, or anything Focus related, then send your questions into the Whit's End Podcast. They're going to be conducting an interview with Paul McCusker this summer. Check out their website for more details.


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