Album 57 Summary & New Episode Titles!

More and more info about Album 57 is pouring in!

First off, we have a summary for the album:

There comes a time when everyone must look at their life and see where God is leading them. The folks in Odyssey must ponder that question after a series of surprises. Connie goes through a difficult experience and has to figure out how to turn tragedy into triumph. Meanwhile, three generations of the Parker family journey in the Imagination Station to witness the story of the last judge of Israel, leading Camilla to consider what God might be saying to her. It’s a life-changing time in Odyssey as our friends at Whit’s End learn lessons in the midst of excitement and fun.

Also, we have 9 of the 12 episode titles:

Life Expectancy, Parts 1-3
Your Servant Is Listening, Parts 1-2
No Chemistry Whatsoever
More Than a Feeling
Repent after Me
The Friend Formula

This album is shaping up to be quite interesting, but there's still a lot we don't know. What do you think about the summary and episode names?


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  1. Ha! I had it up before you! ;) Jk (but i did ;) )
    Well, this seems to be an interesting album. I probably won't like the Samuel adventure, just because I haven't really enjoyed the IS adventures that much (I prefer ROC), but Life Expectancy sounds really good. I think that either June or Bill is dying, and Connie has to decide what to do about it.

  2. It looks to me like Connie's mom is probably the one dying in the hospital and Bill is coming to Odyssey to visit her. June would have kept all of Connie's old things and you can even see balls of yarn in the picture, which leads me to believe this is June's house that Connie is sitting in. And if Bill was dying he probably wouldn't chose to go to the hospital in Odyssey. This could turn out to be similar to the episode "Where Is Thy Sting?" from Album 24. That's just my prediction.

  3. I think that Connie has a twin... but other than that, I think that June is dying, for the same reason as David.

  4. I doubt June is dying. June has been off the record for years. I believe that some life event has taken place an old boyfriend marring and Connie is once again reflecting on the path her life has taken.

    1. But she's only had one boyfriend that she would worry about (Mitch) and she already went through that. And if it was an old boyfriend marrying, why would she be looking through a photo album marked "family"? Just sayin' :)

    2. Actually the other album beside her is marked Family. We have no idea what the album in her hand says on the cover if it says anything. We can make an assumption it is not June's home Connie is at but her own (maybe Bill's) due to the pictures on the table. Mitch's marriage was only an example, I don't think it death as much as recognizing the path her life has taken was different from expectations a 10 or 5 year high school reunion could do it. June may have decided to officially leave Odyssey. I'm just saying I don't think the story is dealing with death.


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