Skye Weldon: Starring Just Devon Francis

In our last Blogcast, we performed a radio comedy show called Skye Weldon & The Crazy Cactus Caper. We had several of our friends and some people on Odyssey act in it.

Well, when Devon Francis sent in his lines for Limpalong Cassidy, he did different voices for all the other characters as well. We thought it was a lot of fun and thought about releasing the whole thing at some point. But when Devon and his sister started the AIO Oddcast, he asked me if he could release it as one of their episodes and I said "Of course!"

So, enjoy this video with the alternate version of Skye Weldon starring Devon Francis, Devon Francis, and...well, Devon Francis!

Austin Peachey

Austin Peachey is a die-hard reader and audio drama fan. He's run the Adventures in Odyssey Blog for over 8 years and has produced a few audio dramas of his own. He's also worked on the 2nd edition of The Official Guide to Odyssey and can be heard on Phil Lollar's Iliad House.

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