What We Know About Album 63

Caution! Potential spoilers ahead! 

The last episode of Album 62 aired today and what an amazing season finale it was! As Album 62 ends, we look forward to the next album where we'll find out what will happen next for our friends in Odyssey. 

As it turns out we already have a lot of info on what we can expect from the next album. Album 63 will be called Up in the Air. The cover art and more can be found below. This post will be updated when we get more info over the coming weeks.

Things are definitely up in the air in Odyssey! First, Wooton Bassett returns from his honeymoon with two problems—Penny is missing and he’s lost his memory! While Whit, Connie, and Jason try to help Wooton find Penny, Buck Oliver rescues Jules from a crash course of disaster. And a mystery is solved only after Emily and Matthew’s friendship is threatened. You’ll learn the meaning of true friendship and integrity in six episodes of heart-changing, risk-taking adventure!

Episode Titles:
825: To Find a Penny, Part 1
826: To Find a Penny, Part 2
827: Friend or Foe
828: Have a Heart
829: B-TV: Revenge
830: Crash Course

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August 2017: Digital download
September 2017: CD copy
Fall 2017: Radio airing

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What do you think of the cover art? Which episode are you looking forward to the most?

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  1. I can't wait! I read it on Memory loss, skydiving, friendship, romance, B-TV-All packed into 6 episodes! This will be a fantastic album!


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